Heritage Fair & Concours Oratoire

Heritage Fair will happen on Weds. afternoon, from 1:00 – 3:00 (approx) in the Main Gym. Parents are invited to come out for a visit. If your child will be using technology as part of their display, devices must be fully charged.

If students need more time to work on display boards, they may bring them to school on Monday, along with pictures and other materials necessary to complete work. All boards must be @ school by Weds. morning, but if displays are complete they can be brought early and kept in our classroom until Wednesday.

I have been mistaken in telling students that our date for ‘Concours’ is the 21st in the p.m. – it actually is Tuesday 19th March in the p.m. It would appear that the event has been divided into 2 sections; Gr. 1-5 will happen on Tuesday, and Gr. 6 -8 will happen on Thursday. Eden & Bashar will represent our class at ‘Concours’.

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Heritage Fair – pt. 2

As this is a short week, students are welcome to bring their technology and/or research to school in order to finish up as much as possible this week. I am hoping to be helping students with the editing/revising/final draft stage of their reports by March 11th. Thank you to all for your help and support with this project.

There is a bit of a ‘new’ twist in the Heritage Fair presentation stage. It has been decided that students are able to use technology in their final presentation (Ipads, laptops, etc.) BUT their devices must be fully charged and able to run under own power for the duration of the afternoon. We simply do not have access to enough electrical outlets for all students to be able to plug in.

Mme Davis

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Heritage Fair

Ok – Heritage Fair!  It will take place on March 20th in the p.m.  Students are not permitted to use Ipads, laptops, etc. in their presentation – we just do not have enough electrical outlets to allow this.  Presentation consists of two parts – a written report of 2 – 4 pages lon, in French, as well as a display board.  We will work on reports in class; students will also be doing more work @ home.  Display boards will be prepared at home; they are available at Staples or any other stationary store.  It may be a good idea to get one soon, it seems that the longer one waits to buy one the harder it becomes. 

     We will be working in class for the next 10 days or so on drafts, revising, editing of reports.  Due to the number of students involved with Heritage Fair @ school, no printing can be done for students at school.  Students should bring their materials each day this week & next.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, students are welcome to “BYOD” – ‘bring your own device’ to school to work on their project.  That means that if they’ve been using an Ipad, other tablet, etc. to work with they can use it @ school via the guest access to Internet.   If students have finished their rough draft they should bring it to school and we will start to edit/revise immediately. 

     The display board should not be a total rehash of the report.  This is the place for interesting pictures, graphs or charts, other details that didn’t quite make the report.  It can be as creative as you would like.  Should time permit, students could work on their displays in class before Heritage Fair. 

     I think that is all for now.  If I think of anything else I will add it.  If you have questions, please let me know & I’ll see if I can find the answer.

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Hello! from rm. #114

Greetings, and welcome to the Info. Page for rm. #114.  I will be working hard to keep you all ‘up to date’ on what’s happening in our class, field trips, our agenda notes, etc.  Hopefully this will be an alternate source of information for you and your child.  Thanks for visiting this page!


Mme Shannon Davis

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Hello world!

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